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Serving Our People.

We provide organizational support for our business unit leaders and their staff.


How Bartels Group raises the bar

Leadership development

Cultivating leadership capacity among our operating companies’ staff — so they can serve their clients and communities well.

Organizational excellence

Providing organizational and administrative support for our business unit leaders — so that our front-line staff can focus on delivering value to clients.

Technology & innovation

Improving our companies by staying on the cutting-edge of new technologies and looking for new ways to grow — so our employees can grow, too.

The world is full of infinite possibilities…

And along with these possibilities come challenges. The administrative requirements of running a business in the modern world, the time it takes to find good employees, and the difficulty of telling our companies’ stories in a loud and noisy marketplace can keep us from focusing on what we do best.

That’s why Bartels group was founded. To provide organizational support for our business unit leaders and their staff so they can focus and thrive in their areas of expertise.

About Us

Driven by gratitude

We value our communities. We believe in supporting them in meaningful ways. This is why strive to be profitable in every way, because profit increases our capacity to give and to grow.

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Work. For some it conjures up feelings of duty and drudgery. For us, it’s a calling. When we do it well, we serve our neighbour’s good, enjoy personal fulfillment and honour God — who calls and commissions us all to make something of this world.

Grow in your skills. Work with a supportive team. Join us!

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