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Serving people. Building strength.

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Our businesses and their employees primarily solve issues of locating services, safe excavation, and disposal. But they’re actually tackling much bigger issues than that.

Our front-line staff are helping shape the world in profound ways ­— in ways that improve each person’s quality of life.

And we don’t want anything getting in the way of accomplishing that glorious mission.

While we take care of accounting, marketing, human resources and all the paperwork the comes along with it, our front-line staff can stay focused on solving unique problems and delivering real value to their clients. Our employees are given opportunities to grow. Our businesses improve in profitability. And we can afford to better care for our families and reinvest meaningfully in our communities.

Our mission

To create a supportive business environment in which to incubate and cultivate leadership, growth, innovation and value in a rapidly changing world — all to the glory of Almighty God.

Our vision

  • We see the men and women of our operating companies all leading well in their respective areas of expertise.
  • We see the leaders of these companies focused on delivering value to their customers, driving innovation in their businesses and inspiring those on their team — and therefore, their communities — to be all that God has designed them to be.
  • We see a construction industry that has been re-inspired by the call to make something of this world.
  • We see cities, towns and neighbourhoods that are safe, clean and optimized for human flourishing.

Meet our management

  • Darren Bartels

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    As CEO and President, Darren takes a leadership role for Bartels Group Inc. drawing upon 15+ years of experience in our various industries at both a field/operational level as well as executive management. He is responsible for the development and implementation of an effective, strategic, corporate vision based on innovative technological solutions and service excellence.  He is also responsible for directing capital investments in equipment and other resources, corporate research and development projects, and the operational departments of logistics and technical support.

  • Dan Bartels

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Immersed into the business world at an early age, Dan is passionate about offering solutions to recognized industry challenges.  With 15+ years’ experience in operational support and executive management, Dan’s expertise affords knowledge of our internal and external client needs, and a firsthand appreciation of the value proposition Bartels Group Inc. offers to the North American market.   In his role of Vice President, Dan works along the President to assist with the development of effective business strategies in support of the corporate vision.  He is responsible for implementing and maintaining alignment of corporate goals and objectives across Bartels Group Inc. offering leadership and support to the entire management team. 

  • Gary Tamming, CPA, CA

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    As CFO, Mr. Gary Tamming brings senior management to our organization, offering strong leadership and guidance to our finance department.  With progressive experience in dynamic and entrepreneurial work environments, his strong business acumen was shaped through broad general management experience in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.  With experience in human resource, information technology and business management in multiple countries, Gary is a key member of the entire support services team, helping the group strategize, drive results, and effectively communicate those results to the executive team, board, and other stakeholders.

  • Randy W. Reitsma

    Vice President, Continuous Improvement

    Mr. Randy Reitsma brings to the team over 20 years of Operational and Project Management experience as well as 7 years in the Consumer Finance industry. Randy has successfully participated in the launch of 4 Canadian startup companies. As a certified Six Sigma, Master Blackbelt, Randy has used his knowledge both as a consultant and employee in a number of manufacturing, finance, cabinetry and transportation organizations across North America. Immediately, before joining the Bartels Group Inc team, Randy spent over 10 years in the telecommunications industry dedicated to achieving profitability, reducing operating costs and achieving outstanding customer service.

  • Darren Schutten

    Director – Human Resources

    As Director of Human Resources of Bartels Group Inc., Mr. Darren Schutten oversees all HR activities and ensures human resource programs and services are in place to support and drive business objectives, including ensuring that Bartels Group Inc is and remains a top employer of choice through the development, fostering and maintenance of a culture that reflects the organization’s core values.  Darren has progressive work experience in Human Resources and Labour Relations in the construction industry, is a strong advocate for workers, and believes in building positive work communities and partnerships.

  • James Stieva

    Director – Marketing + Communications

    Managing the marketing and communications team in our shared service model, Mr. James Stieva supports corporate goals and objectives through development and implementation of effective branding and messaging across various media including digital channels. Drawing on significant operational and managerial experience in the commercial transportation industry, communicating with North American clients and European suppliers, James works with our internal teams and business units to understand our diverse client needs.  He also assists with Bartels Group Inc. corporate social responsibility and community support initiatives based on founding principles and organizational values.

Driven by gratitude

We value our communities. We believe in supporting them in meaningful ways. This is why strive to be profitable in every way, because profit increases our capacity to give and to grow.

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Work. For some it conjures up feelings of duty and drudgery. For us, it’s a calling. When we do it well, we serve our neighbour’s good, enjoy personal fulfillment and honour God — who calls and commissions us all to make something of this world.

Grow in your skills. Work with a supportive team. Join us!

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